Producer’s Reel

A selection of projects I developed and produced for installation and online.

For each of these projects I developed the core concept, project managed the production, and oversaw direction of each of the stories.

Featured content includes:

Canadian Mining Hall of Fame – Nonlinear installation featuring 13 original features (Royal Ontario Museum)

Made in Toronto – Documentary Web Series (The Toronto Standard)

Whazamo – Multimedia Festival (Open Book Toronto)

Red Type Ink – Motion Graphic Animation (Red Type Ink)

Animation by Paul Laberge, original score by Brendan Quinn for Lathe Music.

Reel edited by Ian Daffern

Directing Reel: Profiles & Interviews

This reel highlights my skill as a field interviewer as well as ability to best craft this footage into a compelling story in post as a story producer. Throughout my career, I endeavour to bring out the best from artists, authors, craftsmen, cooks, musicians, CEOs, celebrities, wrestlers, and eclectics of all types.

Reel includes:
Russell Peters promo (Produced for Random House Canada)
How Ink is Made (Co-Directed/ Edited with Tate Young)
Tony Burgess- Pontypool (Open Book Toronto)
Lorenz Peters – Dark Adaptation (Produced for Open Book Toronto)
Made in Toronto – (Toronto Standard) (Series co-directed with Tate Young)

Directing Reel: Live Events

For most companies, documenting live events is probably the most important use they’ll have for video, for moments that are absolutely can’t miss. These samples show my ability to capture lively interviews from a variety of subjects; as well as compelling visuals on the kind of tight timeline that live productions demand; as well as how to craft that footage into compelling stories in post.

TD Canadian Children’s Book Awards 2012 (produced for CBC Books)
*Directed by Ian Daffern/ Photography by Ho Anderson & Ian Daffern/Edited by Ian Daffern

Whazamo! Toronto Comics Arts Festival (produced for Open Book: Toronto)
*Co-directed and shot by Ian Daffern & Tate Young, Edited by Tate Young

Max the Mutt Animation School Industry Night,
*Directed by Ian Daffern, Shot by Hernan Morris, Edited by Ian Daffern

Students (Verb) Charities Contest Video

Recently produced this video for Imagine Canada, an Ottawa-based organization looking to promote their “Students (Verb) Charities” contest, which was designed to get postsecondary students involved in the charitable sector.  Inspired by their symbol, a megaphone, and filmed with a slam-poet, we wanted to make a sort of literal somewhat magical view of how expressing yourself through art can bring about positive change. The video was shot in both English and French on location in Ottawa.

Written and directed and produced by the Idfactory,

Photography by Dave Bigelow and Tony Edgar.

Edited by Jeff Poremba of Rooster Post Production.


Made in Toronto: the Herbalist

The final part in the Made in Toronto Series, a 6 part web-documentary series created for the online publication The Toronto Standard. This story is something different, a profile of Evelyn Dorfman, proprietor of Thunas Herbals (established 1888), whose family has been providing our city with traditional herbal remedies for three generations. A real sweetheart, and a surprising and funny character to boot, Evelyn’s story was the perfect conclusion to this series.

Co-directed & Produced by Ian Daffern

Co-directed & Edited by Tate Young

Photography by Tony Edgar

Made in Toronto won Gold at the Canadian Online Publisher Awards for 2011 for best Multimedia/Video in its category.